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K-12 Mathematics Textbook Library

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The Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum (CSMC) has compiled a collection of K-12 mathematics textbooks, spanning the period from 1799 (Euclid's Elements) to contemporary textbooks used today in schools. These textbooks are physically housed at the Center's library at 104 Townsend Hall on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.

A database including bibliographic information on all of the textbooks housed in the library is available here. It is searchable by author, grade level, year of publication, subject/course, or by any words in the title.

We wish to thank Dale and Margo Seymour for contributing several hundred old mathematics textbooks to the collection. We also wish to thank Harold and Loretta Taylor, for their contribution of additional books. A special thanks to Zalman Usiskin as well as many other teachers who have contributed one or more books from their personal collections.

If you have K-12 mathematics textbooks to donate please contact Robert Reys, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO at:

We hope that this collection and its database will help researchers engaged in studies on mathematics curriculum.

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